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NEW!!! Requesting a song on KROAR!!! Give it a try!!!

I am very excited to announce that as of today KROAR is able to allow all listeners the ability to request any song from our library to listen to in real time on our broadcast 24/7/365. All you have to do is go to the KROAR website at, click on the "Click to Request A Song" button in the top section of any page of the website and follow the simple directions. You can either choose from pre-selected songs or use the search function.

Be aware that during any of our regularly scheduled programs such as UNSHACKLED or HOME COMING RADIO no requests will be played until after the completion of the shows. Normally a short delay should be expected until your song is heard. During the holidays only our Christmas library will be available for requests and our full library will once again become available on 01/02/18.

I hope you will enjoy this new new feature as much as I have enjoyed bringing it to you. Please contact us with any feedback you may have. Godspeed on your journeys and Godbless you all!!!!!

In HIm,

Dennis R Syracuse


Lion of Judah Ministries Radio, KROAR