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On Demand option now operational on KROAR!!!

You may have already noticed that Lion of Judah Ministries Radio, KROAR now offers many of its very popular radio show offerings, On Demand.

KROAR will make available in On Demand status each of the selected shows for 1 week only when it will then be replaced by the most current episode. So if you miss the originally scheduled broadcast of your favorite show this week, you have 1 week to catch it. The hope is that this new option will allow a whole lot more flexibility to you and give you more opportunity to share a particularly interesting radio show with a friend or family member.

In order to access this new and exciting feature using a desktop PC, go directly to our new player at:

or access the player from our new website at once at the website click on the LISTEN LIVE button in the upper right corner of the website. Once you are at the player, click on the Yellow PLAYER APPS words in the upper left corner of the player next to the downward facing arrow. Now look for the On-Demand Streaming words on the list. If you dont see it you will have to scroll just a bit further to the bottom of the list to find it.

Once you click on it you will find the On Demand Program List. Peruse it then click on the one you want to listen to. You will see the large square that normally displays album images is now replaced by a microphone.

When you are finished look at the title just next to the timer clock in the top bar center. Just below the title of the program you can now choose and click on View Other Files or Back To Live Stream. Thats all there is too it.

This same feature is available on all of our apps. Click on the menu and you will find the On Demand Option.

Check back often because these programs will be updated weekly. If you have any questions, problems, suggestions or just words of encouragement please email us.

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